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Any questions?

What is this all about?
Traffic and better listings in search engines.

Are you serious?

How can you help me with search engines?
If you read about search-engines, you'll find that 'link-density' is an important factor to achieve a good listing (unless you buy your way in). The more your site is linked with other sites, the better for you. Chances are, that you would like some traffic on your site. And chances are also, that you don't want to turn your site into a 'banner-graveyard' to receive some reciprocal links. Right?

How do I get traffic from you?
First, we list you on our list of certified and/or award-winning sites;
Second, there are several random links distributed throughout our site;
Third, we will soon install exit-traffic, which will send visitors directly to a randomly picked site from the list.

How do you get your traffic?
From you (We hope).

Is that it?

Anything else I need to know?
No. Not really.


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